MACY Committees

MACY has seven active committees working on the coalition’s priorities: underage drinking, prescription drug abuse and heroin use.  The committees meet regularly to fulfill MACY’s mission and vision. For more information, click on the committees below.

  • Data Committee – collects and analyzes data to assist the Steering Committee in selecting priorities.
  • Drug Task Force – develops and implements an annual prescription drug abuse and heroin use plan.
  • Marshfield C.A.R.E.S. (Community Alcohol Resources for Establishments and Servers) – a program that recognizes effort of local establishment practices to prohibit youth from accessing alcohol and promotes responsible alcohol use among adults.
  • Marshfield Area Parent Network (MAPN) – unites over 900 parents, the community and local schools in an effort to promote and maintain a safe and healthy, alcohol and drug free environment for youth.
  • Media Advocacy Committee – develops articles and public service announcements; conducts community presentations; and shares information to highlight MACY initiatives and community problems related to substance abuse.
  • Youth Initiatives – consists of youth representatives from the public and private high schools to develop and implement an annual substance abuse prevention plan in their respective schools.
  • MACY Steering Committee – The Steering Committee functions as a board of directors, oversees the work of all committees and decides on coalition priorities. The committee consists of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Future Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Members At-large (2) and Youth Representatives (2).