Data Committee

The Data Committee collects and analyzes data to assists the Steering Committee in selecting priorities. Examples of data MACY collects include:

  • Youth Risk Behavior Survey (OYRBS) from Marshfield public and private schools (odd years)
  • Law enforcement trend data related to alcohol and other drugs


Youth Risk Behavior Survey (OYRBS)

Marshfield Clinic Health System and Marshfield Area Coalition for Youth have partnered with Wood County Health Department and Marshfield public and private schools since 2006 to administer the YRBS to students in grades 8, 10 and 12. The survey is voluntary and asks students about their health behaviors related to safety, violence, bullying, suicide/self-harm, substance use, lifestyle habits, eating habits, physical activity and sexual health. The information collected is anonymous, self-reported data that is screened to ensure fidelity (i.e. if a student was inconsistent or obviously exaggerated their responses, the survey is thrown out).

The 2017 Marshfield Combined School Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) data has been released to the public with permission from Columbus Catholic Schools and the Unified School District of Marshfield. Click on the images below to view the results.