Media Advocacy

The Media Advocacy Committee develops MACY media articles and public service announcements; conducts presentations; and shares information to highlight MACY initiatives and community problems.

  • Promotes Parents Who Host Lose the Most campaign annually
  • Promotes MACY events
  • Publishes media articles
  • Maintains MACY social media pages and website

Parent Who Host Lose the Most

Since 2006, MACY has supported the implementation of the Parents Who Host Lost the Most (PWHLTM) campaign. PWHLTM is an annual awareness campaign developed by Ohio Parents for Drug Free Youth. Campaign materials are designed to educate parents and other adults about the legal consequences of serving alcohol to an underage person.

MACY joins over 50 communities in Wisconsin that are participating in the “Parents Who Host Lose the Most” campaign.  This campaign brings awareness to the upcoming Prom and Graduation seasons to remind parents and other adults not to be a party to teenage drinking. In Wisconsin, it is illegal to serve alcohol to your child’s friends, even with their parent’s consent.

“Over the years I’ve noticed that often, parents of children involved in alcohol parties knew about it in advance and supplied the alcohol,” said John Adam Kruse, Marshfield Municipal Court Judge and member of the Marshfield Area Coalition for Youth. “Parents need to be aware that they are taking on significant civil liability and risk by doing this.”